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Who am I?
I came to this area of work after completing my university education. I earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology, and then completed a Master of Science and a Ph.D in psychology. For my doctoral research I spent five years researching and working with pregnant women. This research has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, along with other research I have collaborated on. My qualifications have been bestowed from a recognized and accredited Canadian University (SFU). I am an Academic Affiliate of the B.C. Psychological Association and a member of the Canadian Sex Research Forum.

I have completed graduate coursework in human sexuality, sexual anatomy and physiology, endocrinology, human gestation and parturition, human sex differences, animal behaviour, human development, the evolution of sex and sexual behaviour, statistics and research methods. 

After three degrees, and 12 years of postsecondary education dealing primarily with aspects of sexuality and psychology, moving into sexual health education seemed like a natural progression. 
I have worked in this area since 2005.

I also maintain currency in psychology, and for many years held a part-time faculty position at Capilano University in North Vancouver. I have recently retired from this position.  During the ten years I held this position I coauthored a university-level introductory psychology textbook, and numerous post-secondary student study guides. I have also written two human sexuality textbook student study guides and have served on a number of editorial review boards evaluating new and revising human sexuality textbooks.

I am also experienced in teaching sexuality education in English speaking International schools in Asia.  In this capacity I have developed K-12 lesson plans that are readily available for International schools to incorporate into their existing health curriculum.  I work with a school to build their own self-sufficient, culturally-sensitive, comprehensive, laddering curriculum.

Teaching sexual health and body science to young people is an honour. 
Each time I walk into a classroom I am cognisant of the trust parents and caregivers put in me as I discuss this important area. I am also respectful and embracing of the diversity and variation that is beholden in every school I enter.

To see my academic CV click here 

Claire Vanston Ph.D 
Nanaimo/Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.                                

My logo

The shield incorporates the four pillars of my life work:
The gender symbol represents human sexuality.
The mortarboard graduation cap represents qualifications and formal education.
The apple represents teaching.
The Greek letter psi (Ψ) is the symbol for psychology.

Awards and grants
Operation Solid $15,500 (2013).  
With the commitment and dedication of SD71 high school drama teachers and their honours students, the funds from this grant were used to develop, write, rehearse and present a full scale production addressing sexual consent and ethical sexual behaviour.  OPERATION SOLID: The performance, was seen by all grade 8 boys in the school district.
Funding agency: RCMP

We Are Heroes in Waiting $12,500 (2013).
The proceeds from this grant was used to deliver a two-hour workshop in all district grade 7 classes.  The co-ed workshop addressed sexual health, safety, ethical behaviour, sexual consent and personal responsibility in an age appropriate, interactive format.
Funding agency: Ministry of Justice (Civil Forfeiture)

B.C Crime Prevention and Community Safety Award for an Individual (2014).
This RCMP award was given for work completed in adolescent crime prevention, prevention of sexual exploitation, sexual empowerment, sexual ethics, sexual privacy and youth advocacy. 

B.C. Community Drug Strategy Grant $500 (2017).
The proceeds from this grant were used to deliver five short workshops addressing prevention of alcohol-facilitated sexual assault to local Boys Groups.  
Funding agency: City of Courtenay

Preventing Sexual Harm: Sexual Ethics Education $14,775 (2017-18)
The proceeds from this grant will be used to deliver sexual ethics workshops to all grade 8 and grade 9 classes in SD71.  
Funding agency: Ministry of Justice (Civil Forfeiture)
What is an epic sex life?
An epic sex life
starts when a person is ready;
understands genital anatomy;
merges with family, cultural and personal values;
incorporates a clear understanding of sexual consent;
acknowledges, defends and cherishes sexual diversity;
includes knowledge of contraception and sexually transmitted infections;
honours mutual pleasure, mutual respect and mutual communication;
holds paramount the sexual ethics of empathy, dignity, equality, character and compassion.

What people are saying about Dr Claire
“Dr. Claire has a wonderful approach to an often tricky subject.  She uses humour and compassion to make a meaningul connection to students. She immediately establishes a safe, comfortable environment in which to discuss sexual health.  Claire is a wealth of knowledge and keeps it "real" and is firm with appropriate boundaries.  Students emerge from her sessions smiling, with a clear, safe message and with the confidence to act responsibly.”
Teacher and Athletic Director, Vancouver Island High School

"Dr. Claire’s genuine and research based approach engages students in an honest and meaningful examination of their evolving sexuality.  Students connect with her very well as she demystifies and destigmatizes the real questions that they have."
Vice Principal, Central Vancouver Island High School

"The kids LOVE her.  She has an amazing way of connecting to the kids so they listen and learn from her.  The parent sessions were also fantasic, rave reviews from the parents I talked to.  I would like to see her more often in our school, talking to more students more often."
High School Teacher, Central Vancouver Island

"Dr. Claire has a refreshing, frank and intellectual approach to relaying a very important message to our youth. Our students are very appreciative of her openness, and find her lectures insightful. As a P.E. staff, we collectively greatly appreciate what Claire has to offer to our teenage students to better prepare them for a life of sexual activity."
Head, P.E. Dept, Comox Valley High School

"Dr. Claire wasn't in one of my classes this year, but she did a presentation to my Grade 8 class last year. I found the session a very balanced mix of the biological and the social issues around sex and reproduction presented in a very no-nonsense way mixed with a degree of humour and lots of real life examples. The students enjoyed her visit and I was able to use her information as building blocks to my own lessons. I really missed not having her visit my class this year."
High School Teacher, Vancouver Island

"Awesome, amazing, we love her.  She rocks."
Grade 8 Student, Comox Valley

“Dr Claire is an excellent presenter who is always very well received by both students and adults. She is thorough, thought provoking and genuinely interested in the topics she presents. She is always welcome in our school.”
Principal, Vancouver Island Junior High School

"I’m a big fan of Dr Claire and think she does a wonderful and important job in all our schools working to educate our youth so they can make good personal decisions in life."
Principal, Central Vancouver Island School

"I really enjoyed Dr. Claire's website because I have learned a lot of new information. For example, the Cervarix vaccine (for women) will be free until you are the age of 26. There is another link about the Canadian Sexual Consent Law that tells me that I can say No, and that I don't have to give in to peer pressure."
Grade 9 Student, Nanaimo

"Dr Claires website is very useful on topics like a healthy relationships, how to deal with, or prevent pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, learning about your body. The website is for all people, gay, straight, and bi and gives support and knowledge to all of them too. Dr Claire's Myth and Facts website reassures you what’s True and False. For example fake diseases and real diseases. These sites would be useful for people because they can learn from it on there own time, and the sites is extremely direct which makes it very helpful."
Grade 9 Student, Nanaimo   

Udemy Boobie-Weiner Game
The Boobie-Weiner Game: Body Science for Big Kids, is an online course that teaches 4-8 year olds the proper scientific words for body parts.

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These are my thoughts...
  • Your teen and a doctor

  • Keep the touch as they grow up

  • If kids know the proper words for genitals, they will use them