International Schools
Speaking Engagements
International Schools
I have experience teaching sexual health education, puberty education and body science to English speaking International Schools in Asia. 

I am also able to offer both curriculum and consulting services to interested International schools.  Across three consecutive trips I am able to provide an established laddering and comprehensive kindergarten to grade 12 sexuality curriculum.   

Please contact me directly if you would like more information.
I am available for teacher in-service and professional development workshops.
All workshops can be tailored to meet specific needs and learning outcomes.
Workshops are usually 2-3 hours long.

Workshop Topics: 
Sexuality and BC Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes
Sexual development
Puberty and adolescence
Genital anatomy and physiology 
Dangerous gentlemen          
Reproduction, pregnancy and birth
Sexual orientation, transgender and transitioning
Birth control methods (including periodic abstinence)
Sexually transmitted infections
Sexual attraction and arousal
Dating etiquette
Healthy relationships
Abuse prevention and personal safety
Sex and evolution

References and testimonials available upon request     
From time to time parents and caregivers would like information, suggestions and support with their teen or tween. I am available to meet your specific needs whatever the scenario (puberty talks, sexual health, risk reduction, safety, healthy relationships etc.). This is not intended to be ongoing therapy. The goal here is to offer support, resources and applied suggestions to address your concerns in one or two sessions. 

Sessions can be in any format comfortable to you: face-to-face, Skype or telephone can all be easily arranged. You can also view my thoughts about parenting in the ABOUT section of my website.  

References and testimonials available upon request.
Speaking Engagements
Please contact Dr Claire directly for availability and topics at